All-on-4® Treatment for Missing Teeth

Dr. Arnold is thrilled that the All-on-4® treatment for missing teeth is impacting patient’s lives so positively.

You may be familiar with how dental implants work. When a tooth is lost, an implant is the replacement that most closely replicates the original. A post is placed into the jaw bone, and a custom crown is then attached. This gives strength and stability, helps preserve bone in the jaw, and allows you to eat and smile comfortably and confidently.

The great thing is that implants can also help a patient who already has lost all or most of their teeth.

All-on-4® is a minimally invasive alternative because most patients need only 4 implants per arch to anchor the permanent teeth. They are non-removable and are maintained like your natural teeth.

The best part of the All-on-4® procedure is that you can arrive in our office with missing or unhealthy teeth and after just a few short visits with our team of professionals, you can achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. This type of implant can withstand pressure immediately without having to wait for the bone to heal around them.

Mary Leigh’s Story

Dr. Arnold recently had the privilege of changing Mary Leigh’s life with the All-on-4® procedure. Take a minute and listen as she tells us about her experience.

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